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make money online from your website - affiliate marketing

make money from your website

where ever you live in the world you make money with your website
choose from over 1000 advertisers, put their adds on your site and sell, sell, sell!
when you sign-up with as a publisher (affiliate) you can earn commisions on sales from all your selected merchants which will all be aggregated into one check! have become the driving force behind the web economy and provide a great service, you will soon be checking in everyday just to watch your balance grow with the easy to use control interface

affiliate marketing pays
make money with your website
a snapshot of part of the easy to use control interface at

how much will your website make this month?
sign up as a publisher with, place adds on your website from a choice of over 1000 advertisers and watch the money roll in everytime a sale or lead is made by one of your website visitors

ebay are just one of many advertisers at, ebay currently pay publishers $5 per registration sign up! and an additional 5 cents everytime someone that signed up through your link bids on an item
thats $5 everytime someone follows a link from your site and signs up as a buyer or seller on ebay! KA-CHING!! Click here to learn more about how to make money on ebay

how much money can i make?
every month pay out literally millions of dollars in commission to publishers, it's really up to you how much you make but here are a few tips firstly, this is how it works, lets use a conversion rate of 1%, (your conversion rate should be more than 1% but lets use this figure to make things easy) a conversion rate of 1% means that out of every 100 people that click on your add one of those people will convert into a commission for you

targeted traffic is the key to success
you dont need tons of traffic to your site, its not the quantity of traffic to your site that counts, its targeting, a site with relevant adds that gets 30 visitors a day can perform much better than a site with untargeted adds that gets a million hits each day

  • choose adds relevant to your site FIRST & FOREMOST: You've got to find advertisers that appeal to your audience or you're going to have a really, really small check!
  • place adds prominently on the top part of your page where people can see them
A great choice of adds
not only are there literally hundreds of merchants eager to pay you commissions for linking to the service that they provide, there are also hundreds of thousands of adds, choose from text links, banner adds or product links

Robo Pup Robotic Dog
He's Robo Pup, a playful, interactive, intelligent super-toy that you and your children can teach to do new tricks.
* this is an example of a product link (disabled)
for the best results choose adds relevant to your site
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make money Advanced Selling Techniques
There are literally millions of potential internet shoppers out there, combine affiliate marketing with the knowledge of advanced sales skills and you have the tools for success. In Brian Tracy's six-audio cassette program you'll discover powerful new tactics and techniques employed by the top 10% of the sales profession. click here

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